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    ....greatest comeback in mafia history coming up

    *rolls-up sleeves* :devil:

    I'm going to go ahead and clarify that the Vig's powers are exactly as stated as follows (which was posted verbatim at the start of this thread):

    "You are a vigilante. Upset with the Kingmaker system imposed on the town, you have decided to save the town on your own terms. Each night, you have the option to kill another player in the town whom you believe is an assassin."

    Wow, that is huge. We get 2 kills per night!

    no matter how you slice it, this is the way the game is going to go.

    the king gets a kill, and the town gets a lynch.
    yeah we're fubar'd

    I am going to try and put you and BD under as much pressure as possible now. If bb turns up i will do the same to him. Make the answers good :bigsmile:
    • CommentAuthorWynton
    • CommentTimeNov 2nd 2007
    Hey, to whoever is here. I encourage you to submit your night action as soon as is possible (once the night begins, of course).
    It's going to be wade wynton.
    i think you should tell us if thats a good call btw....its our only prayer
    Frankenstein:yeah we're fubar'd

    I am going to try and put you and BD under as much pressure as possible now. If bb turns up i will do the same to him. Make the answers good :bigsmile:

    or not. you know. whatever. :cry:
    had class/.
    my call is still pie detective.

    <3 you though.
    Pretty please witha cherry on top....dont play catch up, just post a lot.
    by the way, why pie? Answer in the game thread first.
    fojar. SAY SOMETHING/
    well that was predictable.

    I predict I am going to be by myself come dawn.
    every game i am innocent from now until forever i am screwed.

    seriously, i hate this whole "inactive mustmean mafia" thing.

    i cant help it, ughhh
    later on hombre.
    Ah well, not to worry. At least we hit a special out of it. head held high and all that.

    I think we are all equally to blame for this inevitable landslide loss. so good effort, see you next game

    you and nut should get mod killed

    i really really want this to happen.
    just the most funny end to the game day two four mafia players dead, game over

    game unbalanced
    haha i think it'd be a lot better than my having to try and squirm my way out of it tomorrow. :bigsmile:
    that last post of yours is hilarious.
    make a request to wynton.

    technically that's what should happen. it's in the rules, he cant not do it.
    bb88 should be dead tonight via vigi

    game over.
    if wes is vigi, you're probably dead tonight.

    if it's someone else it might be bb

    just mafia hit yourself.
    MY pm to wynton reads:

    Subject: Kill...

    Me? Please?

    NO? oh ok fine.

    WADE then. and say he's the detective.

    Otherwise i predict the det investigates me and it is game over.
    with this game set up like it is, i can see a team of 5 losing, 6 maybe winning.
    • CommentAuthorWynton
    • CommentTimeNov 2nd 2007
    Don't forget to PM me your official night kill when you're ready.
    Wynton:Don't forget to PM me your official night kill when you're ready.

    done about 10 minutes ago :bigsmile:
    • CommentAuthorWynton
    • CommentTimeNov 2nd 2007
    Night actions have been posted. Check it out.






    Who was suspicious of mx?
    • CommentAuthorWynton
    • CommentTimeNov 2nd 2007
    I thought you might enjoy that San. :bigsmile:
    ok so mx had investigated KT and knew she was inno. That much i think anyone can see.
    Vigi....sucha random thing to do that it could be BD or wes....BD was online and the kills all went throguh mighty quick so possibly him....KT maybe.

    But that's just a prelim read. need to investigate who the vig is in detail and work out if we can get on his good side somehow....

    BB when you see this - PLEASE, don't waste your time getting caught up. Spend your time looking vanilla. And make a case for my being FIRMLY innocent - no ifs or buts, say that I am an inno lock. Please.
    oh say it about an inno too....

    basically construct two cases as to why I, and one other inno, are locks for innocenthood. Do not flynch from these thoguhts at any point, no matter what.

    We need to distance ourselves as much as possible, because we are struggling still. Not quite as bad as it would be if the vigi had any sense, but struggling.
    • CommentAuthorWynton
    • CommentTimeNov 2nd 2007
    Hey San,

    Wasn't that wise of me giving BB the nickname "The Invisible Man." I can't remember the last time I saw him either here or in the game thread.
    Heh...pat on the back wynton

    I cant work out who the vigi is.

    The only thing i can think is that someone decided that mx killing fojar when fojar was about to start posting looked dodgy. And they amde a quick decision if that's the who thinks like that who was online?

    I can only conclude BD or KT, but it's not safe
    JaneG wrote on page 95:

    Well, after reading that, I'm more suspicious of MX and Fojar than San because it looks too suspicious, the way TRK dropped him off the list.

    Think it's possible one of MX or Fojar might be mates. Would he leave a mate on his list on Day 1 when he knew most of the town was on to him?

    Also odd that bb was a low lier and he never appears on the lists.


    If it's her i have to take everything i think i know about her thoguht processes and reverse them completely.
    of course, in an ideal world we want to keep the vigi around for a day or two.
    • CommentAuthorWynton
    • CommentTimeNov 2nd 2007
    Wake up, it's morning time already!
    no jane was wanting a bb88 lynch, it's surely not her.

    It's definately not


    It is almost certainly not pie
    it cant be wes because he wasnt around at the deadline
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    I have an increasingly sinking feeling that wes is vig. He made that "Vig you're palying a great comment"....he's one of a few group of players who could possibly have pulled the MX trigger yesterday, and now he's talking about the vig saying He'll be 2/3 at the night.

    fs. I do not even want to try buddying up to wes, he's too unpredictable.

    Also, TRK had a slate of San, MX, fojar. It seems unlikley he had two mafia members on there.

    I knew i loved that slate the moment i saw it :bigsmile:
    • CommentAuthorWynton
    • CommentTimeNov 2nd 2007

    Just curious. Do you have a tendency to walk the streets alone and talk to yourself?

    Not sure why that question came to mind. :bigsmile:
    bb88 where are you

    If Wes is the vigi, dow e even want to take him out tonight?

    I am inclined to think not. I *think* i'm right ins aying this game goes on for 3 more game days with wes about folr tow of tehm.

    We should hit nut, wes, KT in that order (if it gets that far).

    Fumseck is KM. ideally we'dl ike him to live to the end. However I fear the only way we're making the endgame involves him getting lynched by the king.

    We more or less have to run perfect now. bb if you do turn up you really need to go look inno.

    pie wants a km reveal.

    Wes just confirmed he's the vig for all intents and purposes.

    I need to thinkt his through....

    Score is currently 9-2

    bb dies tonight, along with hopefully 2 other innos.

    So that's


    If I've hit the vig there I now need to live through 3 lynches.

    If the vig is still alive, then the next day will be 4-1. I have to take out the known vig at this point. So it doesn't make a difference from the pov of how many lynches i need to survive, therefore it is probably correct to take out wes ahs the added benefit of making the last day odd numbered, and gives me an outside chance of forcing myself to be king on teh last day.

    The problem is I don't think I can possibly get to that stage. I'll survive today, even if fumseck declares KM I'll survive today (barring wes hitting me at night). Tomorrow is harder, and probably boils down to a me vs pizza war. If I can live through that there is an outside chance, but i make myself the underdog in that particular battle....not least because on Monday it's back to the grind of work.

    Wynton - ruling please. If I hit the vigi tonight and he hits me, which kill goes through? RNG?
    OTOH....keeping the vig alive leaves a large percentage of game in wes' hands. Tehre is a part of me that likes that thought.

    There is actually a strong chance that that is my best shot at winning.
    KM reveal would be great for me if its anyone but fumseck.

    If it is fumseck it's not so great since i was sold on the idea anyway, but it's not a disaster. I'm not going to go in and hammer at the km not to reveal for a long time...i'm convinced it's good for us and i'm going to let the innos hang their own noose, for a change.
    • CommentAuthorWynton
    • CommentTimeNov 3rd 2007

    Earlier, I learned that, in past games, if the Vig tries to shoot someone and the mob night kills him the same night, RNG decides whether the Vig's kill counts.

    I think the same process would apply if you both tried to hit each other.
    Holy sh* KT the vig? :confused: