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    Heh....ok im happy with the way things are going at the moment, no need for me to interfere. Off out for a couple of hours again...will be back long before the deadline.

    bb if by some miracle you happen to turn up - play nice to wes - he mustnt suspect you, say KT's inno, say i am inno, say Nut is inno, say pizza is inno, say cyb is inno. Say everyone else is dodgy. Make it about a 50-50 split. I basically want to be in teh same group as pizza, cyb and nut.

    you're not living long btw.
    • CommentAuthorWynton
    • CommentTimeNov 3rd 2007
    Hey San,

    Has bb made an appearance here or in the game thread in the past 12 hours? When was he last seen anyway?

    And are you lonely?
    • CommentAuthorWynton
    • CommentTimeNov 3rd 2007
    Tonight's choice please.
    • CommentAuthorWynton
    • CommentTimeNov 3rd 2007

    I sent a PM to bb asking if he's still around and playing. If I hear nothing in the next 12-18 hours, we need to think seriously about finding a sub.
    I agree....I can't possibly keep him alive another day at this rate :wink:
    Since I'm about to kill off nut, how about giving me him as a super-sub denmate. pleeaase :bigsmile:
    By the way it might currently be

    7-2 (I cannot believe how good that is considering where we were 2 days ago)

    but we only really need to both survive two lynches if we can identify the kingmaker. So that should be our priority.

    We know for a fact it's not jane...i'm pretty confident it wont have been nut, so that it cant be jane stands.
    • CommentAuthorWynton
    • CommentTimeNov 4th 2007

    Just sent you a PM about this. I'm going to ask around for views about how to handle a late substitution at this stage, including your suggestion of Nutjob as the sub. How much time do you think we need to give Mx before making a final decision?
    • CommentAuthorWynton
    • CommentTimeNov 4th 2007

    Bb just replied to my pm saying that he is still playing.
    Sorry i had a surprise 50th birthday for my dad pop up for me so I had to drive home and the wireless network at our house went down and we couldnt fix it and I drove back here as soon as possible.
    Whats our best strategy right now regarding me. I'm not going to make an appearance at ITH soon until we figure that out.
    Turn up and post a lot. Dont waste time getitng caught up, just post as much as you possibly can, and make it valuable contenty stuff.

    Hopefully the fact that Wynton announced there could be a sub will have them all believing you and giving you time to rpove yourself....I am probably going to take the tact that you are still public enemy #1 unless you prove yourself. You should probabl y eventualyl come to teh conclusion that that makes me inno.

    If you don't get seriously active, each and everyone of them will execute you, myself included. :cry:
    That's fine and was what I wanted to do but wanted to make sure.
    and KM is one of bbwes, BD or KT, as otherwise the thread would be open by now.
    AWESOME it's not going on right now I can relax a little bit.
    We got the vigilante that's most excellent.
    I want to get rid of KT because she hurt my feelings by yelling at me.
    You should probabl y eventualyl come to teh conclusion that that makes me inno.

    Clarification - I should be one of your two "safest" innos. Ideally, no hint of doubt.

    Just so you know - KT is as good as a known inno at this point. So it might be wise for you to mention that you suspect her for some wishy washy reason so that someone can chime in and said "would he have said that if he was in teh den and being given a debrief"
    BTW, welcome back, hope you had a fun weekend :bigsmile:
    It was a fun weekend, just very hectic. I'm sorry if I hurt our chances in winning in any way.

    Who knows maybe I'm a secret genius and this will end up helping greatly?
    How are our images? Are you a known inno right now? I'm assuming people want my head...
    People want your head badly.

    I am in most people's "unsure" column....our best shot at an inno lynch today is pie, and I'm going to be doing all I can to gently nudge cyb into people's "unsure" category too.

    Pizza is fairly lynchable at the moment too, I think.

    Overall we are in ok shape, not great, and probably still slight underdogs....which I will take, as 2 days ago we were dead and buried (as you'll see if you read page 3 of this thread).
    • CommentAuthorWynton
    • CommentTimeNov 4th 2007
    The new day has begun.
    ....oh BD is lynchable too. Wes is looking fairly vanilla, but there's an argument that he should be lynched anyway.

    Jane probably isn't lynchable, but you never know, there may be some slight traction for her fumseck kill.

    KT wont ever get lynched.
    I guess I have no chance to be made king today, huh?

    Thread open - go post a storm! :devil:
    I'm going to wait maybe 5-10 minutes. It would look a little suspicious if I posted right when it opened, wouldn't it?
    But the plan is to post a bucketload today.
    I have faith....

    btw at some point we need to work out endgame mathematics. I seriously think if we correctly identify the kingmaker we can lock this game up without a final day.
    #&*@#&^@&^$ KT is the king. We are very probably screwed. The kingmaker must want me dead as well.

    I'm going to have to work hard.
    I jsut asked you for a list.

    Put cyb, pizza, pie and me all in broadly the same innocent category. :wink:

    list KT as suspicious.
    damnit I completed bollocksed that list up.
    that's fine. I quite like being by myself with the known inno actually. :bigsmile:

    besides which, I kind of fancy your chances of surviving to the endgame now. As long as you stay active.

    Me - I probably have a 50-50 chance of making the endgame. Which is better than usual. I'm going to stay on your case so that you'll hopefully look clean when I'm found out.....if they analyze day 2 when i'm dead they'll see I listed both you and fojar as the most likely mafia, and was very pro the vig taking you out last night. That should be gold for when i'm gone.
    If I am the early choice to kill in the day, I'm almost certainly going to be safe, the town can never seem to keep its mind.

    If we can stay in the endgame together I think we'll be golden since I don't think we link together hardly at all.
    Yes I love the associations that your absence has developed.

    We might actually be favourites right now. :shocked:
    mini read:

    BD = KM?

    btw my reads have been miles off so far, so don't make too much of it.
    So who IS the KM? Pie?

    It would definitely be useful to know. Tentatively I say we NK Jane. It would give us another known person to cross off the KM list.
    BD definitely possible too.
    Jane can't be KM as she has been queen.

    KT also cannot be KM.

    I want the original KM alive tomorrow at all costs. I don't think it can be pie - he would have outed himself by now. I *think* I can narrow it down to BD or Wes.
    Right, so I think killing Jane would be best since she's the only 'known non-KM' and we'd be able to knock out another potential KM for sure, unless one of us became king, in which case we're in good shape anyway. \

    Would there be another goal more important than us figuring out KM for our NK? Am I thinking too far ahead?
    Or shit, KT is suspecting Jane big time. We could probably get Jane killed today.

    Then take out KT/Pie?
    MY thinkign is just to get rid of all the non-lynchables.

    At the moment those are:


    Now if KT takes out Jane for us...that's great.

    The only problem with this is that it also has both KT and Jane on the list. In an ideal world we'd keep them about for the penultimate day so that we have a better shot at accurately identifying the kingmaker.

    I'm no longer sold it's bd - ive got an odd feeling he'd have outed himself by now.
    ...which kind of makes me want to hit cyb tonight.
    Wynton...can you clarify this point:

    Can the king kill himself? I would check with nside if i were you - i think the answer needs to be no.
    • CommentAuthorWynton
    • CommentTimeNov 4th 2007

    Let me get back to you on that question.
    • CommentAuthorWynton
    • CommentTimeNov 4th 2007

    I haven't read the game thread carefully recently. Did your question arise there? If so, then I know I need to answer it there also.
    No it has not arisen in there yet....not directly anyway.

    I am going to ask that you think long and hard about the endgame scenarios before making a ruling....particularly penultimate days with a mobbed up mafia.

    As for us...we are soooooooo killing cyb tonight it's not even funny.
    • CommentAuthorWynton
    • CommentTimeNov 4th 2007

    Someone pointed this out to me. Rule 5 of my beginning posts states as follows:

    "(5) Each day must end in an execution. "No Lynch" is not an option in this game. If I post a deadline and the King fails to make an execution in the allotted time, the King will be executed for his incompetence."

    In light of this, I'm not sure there would be any point to a rule precluding the King from executing himself. If you see some difference, let me know.
    It's probably best not to bring up that strategy in any way for us then, so we don't alert the KM it's an option if they don't realize it.
    I think I'm self-destructing. I'm in a pissed off mood as it is and it's showing.