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    The way the game has been going I'd say pretty damn good.
    I'm trying to act as innocent as possible. I want to win still. It would go down as a great win in mafia history.

    Plus the Assassin was a kick-ass character in Diablo 2's expansion and I can't let them lose without clawing people in the necks to win.
    I think i was wrong...

    there is no lock, our NK affects it.
    There might be a lock. But they have to use an either/or contingency.

    im pretty sure there is one somewhere.
    Thisis what i ahve in my head


    bb88 -known mafia
    bd - kingmaker
    jane - king
    kt - known inno

    now. if they kill bd:

    bb88 -known mafia
    jane - former king; known inno
    kt - known inno

    We now have to go. If we kill one of jane or KT, they have to say pizza is km if wes is mob, i'm kingmaker if pizza's mob and Wes is kingmaker if i'm mob.

    But Our counter there is to kill pizza.

    So if we kill a non-known inno they need to say:

    Appoint jane as km if wes is mob, KT as KM if pizza is mob, adn whichever non-known inno survives if San is mob.

    If they take into account our nightkill and give themselves this either/or scenario tomorrow, they have an absolute, rock solid lock.


    of course that assumes that you can make everytone understand the premise. but it's not that complicated
    And I am goign to brag to cyb and pie that neither of them have realised this fact come the end of the game.
    • CommentAuthorWynton
    • CommentTimeNov 6th 2007
    Night action anyone? Send me a PM when ready.
    My brain is shizzled

    Just confirm for me the list is like this:


    So we kill pie and there's three known innos. yeah? yeah. we kill pie. pm coming. I wonmt wait for bb so as not to make it too obviosu what the den compsition is
    by the way, this time i really am at work late.
    Mere words cannot describe the pleasure of knowing that I jsut killed Pie. :cool:
    Ok, back home. It seems we are in awful shape.

    I am considering something drastic....tell me if this is too stupid.

    I am going to tell the innos they have a lock and explain it.

    Then eventually someone (and it may end up having to be you bb) should point out the fair paly implications of the game being over at 7-2, when it should have been hanging in the balance, and we hope the innos do not go through with a second KM execution on a sense of fair play.

    And there I was thinking throwing you and fojar to the wolves was a little drastic.
    oh ffs wynton. the new king is going to be Jane. can we just get on with it :devil:
    Has he completely forgotten the suggestion that the Day 6 King self-execute? If they refuse they = mafia.


    seriously...desperation plan is going to be executed.
    although BD is so off the wall...but no, he thinks i am seriously mobbed up.
    um. if they still think there sa chance there's three mobsters, tehn i might as well post teh lock because they wont think it works
    • CommentAuthorWynton
    • CommentTimeNov 6th 2007

    Are we again entering the middle of a non-bb period? Has he indicated whether he's gone for a particular period of time?

    I only ask because I think there would be a decent chance of ending the day pretty quickly, if everyone just shows up. Of course, there's no rush.
    i dont know....i dont think this lot are going to spot the lock, so i'm in no rush.
    • CommentAuthorWynton
    • CommentTimeNov 6th 2007

    I can't help asking: Are you enjoying this banter with Wes as much as I am?
    I think i might be being a bit harsh on him tbh.
    BTW I went back to my dead man walking avatar...seemed appropriate.
    I'm here, I just had a hockey game abnd homework.
    So what do I do?

    I'm basically known?
    I'm logging off ITH and doing nothing without your support.
    The only way we don't lose is if BD appoints KT.

    Wynton - feel free to end early and I think we're forced into NKing Jane.

    btw at least they missed the lock.
    I have no problem ending early I don't see how I could possibly not be killed.
    I'm going to try something possibly dumb, possibly pointless, but we're about dead anyway.
    And thats my last post of the game.
    In that thread at least. If I'm still alive after my classes and stuff I'll come back to see if there's anything else I can do.
    Just so it's known, everything I will be doing from here on in is going to be designed to subtly manipulate BD into appointing KT as king (preferably) or alternatively Wes as king tomorrow.

    If he appoints me, I will give up. If he appoints pizza, I won't just in case pizza follows through with his promise to kill himself.

    That is the extend of the thought processes in san world....oh yes, and avoid discussing possible king/kingmaker strategies, just on the offchance jane figures it out. I do not think anyone else in there will figure it out anyway.
    Actually i've thought up an argument I'm going to run for why i should execute pizza if i end up king.

    I think the odds are no one will fall for it, but he who dares wins and all that.

    There will be no white flag until the fat lady has sung.
    • CommentAuthorWynton
    • CommentTimeNov 7th 2007

    FWIW, I, for one, am reading this thread and interested in observing your thoughts. I'm also sure others will enjoy reading the thread afterwards. So keep up the sharing.
    Reasons why an innocent king should execute someone besides himself:

    He KNOWS he's innocent. Therefore he has a 50-50 shot at hitting mafia which, if he uses his best judgement should mean 75-25 at least.

    Additionally, there's always the chance, however slim, that the inno can talk out of it if he got it wrong on the last day.

    IT is flawed. Because if the inno king hits inno, the mafia actually have a lock win.

    Nonetheless without Jane in there tomorrow, there's only a 50-50 chacne they spot it, i reckon.

    The point is, the inno is just making the same decision that the rest of the town have to make tomorrow. So their not really in a better position to decide. especially if the king ends up being a fairly weak player when compared with the guy about to hari-kari.

    Don't get me wrong, BD appoints me king, I lose. BD appoints KT king, I win a lot of the time. BD appoints Wes I win some of the time. BD appoints Pizza I rarely win.
    By the way, I have a small problem.

    I do not have internet access from Friday night to Sunday night (or at least it will be sporadic at best).
    I don't appear to be dead yet.

    I LOVE the little line you threw in about "the only way the mafia can win is if Wes is mafia". Outstanding.
    Good luck!
    I have no bright ideas on how to solve this pizza dilemma.

    He kills wes, i win. The odds of this are so remote that it doesnt bear thinkinga bout

    He kills himself, bd gets a 50-50 (unless im missing a trick in the nightkill, i'm not - it's a 50-50 either way). The odds of puizza killing himself are probably about 10%

    he kills me, we lose. obviously.

    So odds of winnig right now are just fractionally better than 5%.

    • CommentAuthorWynton
    • CommentTimeNov 8th 2007
    How you doing there San?

    Just want you to know that I'll be very disappointed if you don't pull this one out. It's a virtual lock for you. :bigsmile:
    riiiiight :tongue:
    Wynton - after he kills me, leave the thread open for two minutes so that i can post that he's an eejit who's cost us the game and that I really am inno. Please. :wink:
    • CommentAuthorWynton
    • CommentTimeNov 8th 2007
    You got it San. It's the least I can do for your valiant, entertaining effort.

    By the way, I can't tell whether it's a foregone conclusion that he's killing you today.
    • CommentAuthorWynton
    • CommentTimeNov 8th 2007
    Hey, San, will you even be awake when the execution occurs? I think the deadline is in like 5-6 hours. If you are sleeping then, I'm not going to be able to wait until you wake before posting the outcome.
    Oh you have cosnent to end the day early. I don't plan on staying awake till 3am to see myself lose.
    • CommentAuthorWynton
    • CommentTimeNov 8th 2007
    San - is that your express consent? You're ready to end right now?

    If so, I'll go over my list and see if everyone else has consented, which could mean the end (at least of the day) would be imminent.
    For the sake of cmpleteness

    if pizza kills himself I have an option tonight...

    Killing KT is the obvious one. That gives BD a list of two people to make king, and i think he picks wes about 60% of the time.

    I can also kill BD. He would then have to appoint a KM from KT and Wes. IF he appoints KT she has a 50-50 of picking the correct king. IF he appoints Wes, wes surely appoints KT as king (assuming he has any sense - which is no lock), who in turn faces a 50-50 of who to kill, because wes and i are both going to claim kingmaker.

    So in a nutshell killing BD or killing KT both result in a 50-50 decision being taken by the other one.

    Would I prefer for BD or KT to get that 50-50 choice?

    hmmm...fairly academic, one imagines, but I think I'd kill BD.
    Wynton:San - is that your express consent? You're ready to end right now?

    If so, I'll go over my list and see if everyone else has consented, which could mean the end (at least of the day) would be imminent.

    yes it is.
    • CommentAuthorWynton
    • CommentTimeNov 8th 2007
    Looks like we have to wait until 9. Will you be awake then to post something? If not, I won't wait at all.

    If you are around then, I'll give you a couple of minutes for your fun.
    so its a lock then huh? :bigsmile:

    i dont know....if im awake ill be about. if not feel free to not wait for me.
    BTW....has teh dead thread reached a consensus about the mafia league table?

    If points are awarded for this I'm going to have to start my own breakaway league.
    • CommentAuthorWynton
    • CommentTimeNov 8th 2007

    At one point - days ago - there were definitely some people who felt it shouldn't count in the standings. But that was a number of deaths ago.

    I will say that you have received a lot of love in the dead thread for making this into a real match.

    Having said that, I'm still not 100% sure that Pizza is executing you.
    I've been wanting to see the dead thread for days. :bigsmile: