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    • CommentTimeMay 19th 2008 edited
    Greetings, bad guys.
    Hello out there.

    I'd like to begin by absolving myself of all responsibility, if anything goes wrong.

    But if things go well, I also take credit.

    (This is "Wynton," btw.)
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    • CommentTimeMay 19th 2008 edited
    Hi bad guys, welcome to the den.

    Hi also to onlookers reading the den after the game.

    For reference the 3 bad guys are:

    Badboywes (Vanilla)
    mata_hari = Bugsbunny (Prostitute)
    Holwell = Wynton (Vanilla)
    Hello - is anybody here?
    Yo, who's that?
    • CommentAuthorPiemaster
    • CommentTimeMay 19th 2008
    I assume Bugs as Wes hasn't read his PM yet.
    Well if you look at my role and then look at my name you should be able to make a connection. :confused:

    Wynton - I don't know how you manage to look so guilty so fast. If I was an inno I would have been all over your case as fast as Nut and San
    Everything I've posted so far is precisely how would I have posted as an innocent. If that looks guilty, so be it.
    But it's not. I'm not sure how to explain it. It's something in the tone of your posts. The content may be more or less the same, but your phrasing becomes different.
    Approach it as if you were questioning a hostile witness rather than pleading your clients case.

    I'm not going to waste time trying to argue this to you again. You always say my tone differs, and I always say my tone is the same no matter what.

    I never approach this like questioning a hostile witness, even when I'm innocent, especially in the opening minutes.

    Now, if you want to discuss strategy, go ahead.
    strategy wise I'm not sure how to approach this. I'm hoping wes show up sooner rather than later. We have to figure out who we want to take out in what order.

    Nut may be correct about MX "trying too hard", which would make him a special of some kind. If we don't have any other twinges I'll probably block MX tonight.

    Pizza and Nut are both huge threats. San becomes dangerous once we hit the mid game. The good thing is that with 3 of them there we can take them out and the fact that I'm still alive won't look so suspicious.

    Since we can block one specials actions if we can pick him up we don't have to take him out and can concentrate on other dangerous players.
    I think we should discuss who our first day votes should be on.

    I've already said that I find Wes troublesome and don't like low-liers. Because of that, it might be hard for me not to vote for Wes. Not doing so could look very suspicious.

    In fact, I think I should vote for Wes right now, but make it sound kind of tentative; saying that I hesitate to form a bandwagon so soon. Thoughts?
    No. Although I'm thinking of throwing a vote on you :) The reason I'm saying not to vote Wes is because that does have the potential to become a bandwagon that could succeed - and you'd have a hard tome getting away from it later.

    The low-lier approach is better. It also gives you more flexibility. You can keep making threating statements about Wes etc, but don't actually cast a vote that way.
    Hmm - actually I think I should vote for you and you should vote for me :) Somewhere down the line, we have to make it look natural. When Wes shows up I think I may start a brouhaha with him.
    You don't think it looks bad for me to cast aspersions on Wes without ever following through and casting a vote for him?

    My preference for an early night kill would be Pizza, I think. But this probably should depend in part on whom everyone focuses on.
    It won't look bad as long as you're casting aspersions on other people as well
    For me to vote for you, I need a reason.

    I'll try to think of one.

    I like you voting for me.
    I'm leaning towards Pizza myself - but we have lots of time
    I'll be switching to you sometime later today. I'll try to give you a counter-reason in the process.
    I'm really not going to be around much. I encourage you guys to go ahead and vote for me, if you think it will help provide some good, deep cover.

    But if that's what you ultimately want to do, make sure you time it right, so it looks like the vote actually matters.
    No application from Wes. I'll be around later tonight.
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    • CommentTimeMay 20th 2008
    Seems like the den was down for a fair few hours. Have sent Wes a PM to tell him it is back up.
    Hi. Just popping in to say that I'm not going even to bother reading the game thread (or this thread) until I get back from court in several hours.
    It was definitely down for a few hours. Not to worry - we have it under control :)

    I was chatting with Wes via IM last night. I just went to paste the log in but it appears it's about 2986 characters too long :)

    Anyway we may be using more IM at least at some points. (It's just real time access which can help things at critical junctures - plus it won't crash, or at least less likely) Wynton, unless you have Yahoo (which would be a good thing since we could use the room feature, which I can't find via AIM (or Pidgin to be more accurate) at the moment) Wes said he's downloading AIM today.

    I'll be logging anything on my end for posterity and figure out how to get it up later.

    Nside - what's the character limit per message? I can break it up into pieces.
    Holwell:I'm really not going to be around much. I encourage you guys to go ahead and vote for me, if you think it will help provide some good, deep cover.

    But if that's what you ultimately want to do, make sure you time it right, so it looks like the vote actually matters.

    I have no intention of throwing you under the bus, unless required :) But I may make noise and throw a vote down, especially given some of what transpired last night. Wes is again in great shape, and he's the one that we ultimately need to provide cover for. Although if he gets to end game I think that people may well end up being suspicious of him this time around. I don't like the way this game started at all, but we'll see what we can do about it.

    Hmm - wonder if I can get an avatar up today. That really did piss me off yesterday and blew my planned opening (before I even knew what my role was).

    Some people didn't like my opening post, but for the record that post would be the same, in this case, no matter what my role was. Anyway I'll be stepping up activity today now that I have somethings to work with - although Nut did a good jib of driving the conversation, so I just let him (which I would also normally do, especially on day 1).
    mata_hari:II just went to paste the log in but it appears it's about 2986 characters too long :)


    Nside - what's the character limit per message? I can break it up into pieces.

    It was 5,000 characters. Based on your comment, I upped it to 10,000 characters.
    Started out with me asking "How do you want to approach this?" just before I started logging. All times are EDT

    (11:23:09 PM) Wes: not sure really its look nerve racking
    (11:23:18 PM) Wes: they all want to get rid of me
    (11:23:29 PM) Wabbit: Yeah, and we're not off to a good start either
    (11:23:31 PM) Wes: and most have suspicion on you 2 early lol
    (11:23:55 PM) Wes: I may atack one of you and try and look like a hero
    (11:24:06 PM) Wes: or buy you cover im not to sure
    (11:24:24 PM) Wes: what do you think?
    (11:25:07 PM) Wabbit: I was planning on getting in a brouhaha with you anyway. But maybe wait until tomorrow when more people are around. Are you able to be in dyring the day?
    (11:25:26 PM) Wabbit: Look - I'm typing like you - lol
    (11:25:49 PM) Wes: lol
    (11:25:55 PM) Wes: what do u mean
    (11:26:02 PM) Wes: now I see what u all think of me lol
    (11:26:38 PM) Wabbit: I actually think quite a bit of you, in case you haven't noticed
    (11:26:51 PM) Wes: thats cool I dont mean it that way
    (11:27:01 PM) Wabbit: I know
    (11:27:10 PM) Wes: I know I suck at typing and spelling but at times its frustrating as heck
    (11:27:17 PM) Wabbit: wynton's not on at the moment
    (11:27:41 PM) Wes: ok I need to go get dinner but when I get back i'll down load aim
    (11:27:56 PM) Wabbit: who do you think we should take out? I think MX might be a special so I'll be blocking his actions
    (11:28:23 PM) Wabbit: will you be around during the day tomorrow?
    (11:28:35 PM) Wes: atm its hard to say maybe Pizza
    (11:28:39 PM) Wes: yup all day\
    (11:29:02 PM) Wabbit: sounds good. And we seem to have a consensus on Pizza at the moment
    (11:29:09 PM) Wes: Pizza wont lead to to much info but he is very + EV for the town
    (11:29:36 PM) Wabbit: I'm not worried about info this game - everyone is flying blind in that regard
    (11:29:40 PM) Wes: the longer he is around the more of a threat he is plus that may cause some suspicion on NJ and San
    (11:29:56 PM) Wabbit: nah - but they're next on the list
    (11:30:02 PM) Wes: agreed
    (11:30:15 PM) Wes: maybe try and nail 2 of those 3 then set the 3rd up
    (11:30:26 PM) Wabbit: If I survive till the 4th night it'll be a miracle :)
    (11:30:32 PM) Wes: do you have skype?
    (11:30:41 PM) Wabbit: no
    (11:31:12 PM) Wes: u want me to paste and copy this so everyone can see what was said lol?
    (11:31:29 PM) Wabbit: I have logging turned in
    (11:31:35 PM) Wabbit: on I mean
    (11:31:38 PM) Wes: k
    (11:32:09 PM) Wes: not sure how to play this bangwagon me day one thing but im trying my best to act like innocent old me
    (11:32:19 PM) Wabbit: actually I like using IM better than the den during the day. It can come in handy when things get critical
    (11:32:30 PM) Wes: hell yeah I agree
    (11:32:38 PM) Wabbit: nit to worry - yet. Lots of time
    (11:32:42 PM) Wes: lets vote it in lol for all future rounds
    (11:33:06 PM) Wabbit: we can do whatever we want as far as communication goes
    (11:34:07 PM) Wes: I think we are still ok I liked how EWynton kinda got the bandwagon going for me. Then I make a smart arse remark like usual. It may just work out this town looks smart but the will self explode soon enough.
    (11:34:43 PM) Wes: damn typos
    (11:34:46 PM) Wabbit: probably true - but Pizza and Nut have to go.
    (11:35:16 PM) Wes: agreed I think nut first draws to much heat\
    (11:35:43 PM) Wes: I prefer Pizza N1 Nut N2 San day 3 lynch
    (11:36:12 PM) Wabbit: if we can get that that's fine, depending on what develops of course
    (11:36:16 PM) Wes: depends how it goes though during the day
    (11:36:27 PM) Wes: yup good where thinking on the same page
    (11:36:41 PM) Wes: Have u been in the den with Wynton b 4?
    (11:36:58 PM) Wabbit: thread is very quiet at the moment. Server hiccups didn't help
    (11:37:16 PM) Wabbit: no, not that I recall
    (11:37:24 PM) Wes: they did for me I screwd up a bit missed 200k post and called thew stew lmao
    (11:37:31 PM) Wabbit: Did you get into the den at all yet?
    (11:37:54 PM) Wes: nope I messaged Pie but no response yet
    (11:38:08 PM) Wes: it would not even let me load the page od Nsides forum
    (11:38:20 PM) Wabbit: you need to message nside, after registering
    (11:38:47 PM) Wabbit: but if the site is down registering is rather difficult :)
    (11:38:49 PM) Wes: yeah I will after my link works
    (11:39:00 PM) Wes: this is scary \
    (11:39:04 PM) Wes: So, is this correct so far: Most of the town suspects Wynton. San, NJ, and Fojar suspect Bugs. San and NJ suspect Sullen. Sullen suspects Fojar. Bugs suspects bandwagoners and Thew (I think
    (11:39:28 PM) Wes: Wade is kicking some butt so far
    (11:39:56 PM) Wabbit: I suspect nobody :-O
    (11:40:04 PM) Wes: lol
    (11:40:17 PM) Wes: I actually read each post and try and look like im looking for stuff
    (11:40:45 PM) Wabbit: O do as well - just not yet. I don't start digging until day 2
    (11:41:06 PM) Wes: that the norm as a innocent?
    (11:41:15 PM) Wabbit: yep
    (11:42:17 PM) Wabbit: day one is pretty much play it by ear. Possible digging late in the day. Then day 2 O start going over day 1 and putting piece's together
    (11:42:51 PM) Wes: I like to read everyone first few posts theres alot to gain there
    (11:43:03 PM) Wabbit: that is very true
    (11:43:11 PM) Wes: I actually have been picking up at least one badie and a special when AI do so
    (11:43:38 PM) Wes: so my guess is mx is a special
    (11:43:45 PM) Wabbit: When I first started playing I was horrible. I kept looking for mafia and finding specials
    (11:44:19 PM) Wabbit: that's my guess as well. Since I can block a specials night actions we can keep him around for now
    (11:44:41 PM) Wes: lol thats what I need to learn to figure out if there special or guilty as a innocent
    (11:44:42 PM) Wabbit: If I get lynched you may want to take him out though
    (11:44:58 PM) Wes: true
    (11:45:15 PM) Wes: my pm just said I am mafia
    (11:45:58 PM) Wabbit: Yeah - you and wynton are vanilla mafia. I'm a prostitute
    (11:46:10 PM) Wes: lmao u serious?
    (11:46:15 PM) Wes: Pies funny man
    (11:46:15 PM) Wabbit: yup
    (11:46:44 PM) Wabbit: I get to solicit a player each night, which keeps him from any night actions
    (11:46:57 PM) Wes: maybe I dont like pizza N! nk look at his early list
    (11:47:05 PM) Wes: cool
    (11:47:22 PM) Wes: Bugsbunny MXRider Wynton
    (11:47:29 PM) Wabbit: we can discuss in detail tomorrow
    (11:47:48 PM) Wes: k
    (11:48:20 PM) Wabbit: That's OK, if he was that accurate we'd never take him out. So by killing him we must want them to look suspicious
    (11:48:46 PM) Wabbit: at least that's how we spin it
    (11:49:13 PM) Wes: true
    (11:49:33 PM) Wes: as of right now who do u think for N!?
    (11:50:23 PM) Wes: I gotta run real fast
    (11:50:35 PM) Wes: u going to be on awhile?
    (11:50:40 PM) Wabbit: I'm still leaning Pizza
    (11:51:20 PM) Wes: k
    (11:51:29 PM) Wabbit: probably - see my latest post in the thread. Everything I said there is true
    (11:52:33 PM) Wabbit: check out wades posts about you just now
    (11:54:55 PM) Wes: just responded
    (12:41:54 AM) Wes: soor man
    (12:41:58 AM) Wes: sorry
    (12:42:07 AM) Wes: went to store and got back internet was shut off
    (12:42:44 AM) Wabbit: np - I'm getting tired anyway. Might go to sleep soon
    (12:42:51 AM) Wes: cool
    (12:42:56 AM) Wes: im going 6to go off
    (12:43:12 AM) Wes: since they want me to play my old way screw it I will
    (12:44:38 AM) Wabbit: just don't carry it to far. Otherwise you'll start seeing them saying that your only doing that because they said you "should" (you know what I mean)
    (12:44:55 AM) Wes: true I may not even go offf
    (12:45:45 AM) Wabbit: if it serves a purpose go off - just use your head and have a reason for doing it
    (12:46:00 AM) Wes: I will
    (12:46:10 AM) Wes: Wade kinda mellowed out
    (12:46:15 AM) Wes: ill remain civil
    (12:46:18 AM) Wes: for now
    (12:46:34 AM) Wabbit: :)>-
    (12:46:35 AM) Wes: by the ay I like Wade dont take it as I dont when u all read this
    Hmm - I actually lost some at the end.We left and then came back. Must be that I have to set logging on each time, although:
    OK, just changed it so logging is on by default.
    (12:43:48 PM) Wynton: Bugs?
    (12:44:00 PM) Wabbit: Hiwdie :)
    (12:44:14 PM) Wynton: I just got back from court, and I'm beat.
    (12:44:19 PM) Wabbit: famn my i's and o's
    (12:44:34 PM) Wabbit: ok, but did you win :)
    (12:44:47 PM) Wynton: Nope, chack up another loss for the bad guys.
    (12:45:04 PM) Wynton: Now, I need to start preparing for an argument tomorrow.
    (12:45:18 PM) Wynton: I haven't looked at the game thread or the den. Is there anything constructive I can do?
    (12:45:18 PM) Wabbit: lucky you
    (12:46:09 PM) Wabbit: I haven't really been involved yet today either. Made 1 post. Last night was VERY active (after I left).
    (12:46:47 PM) Wynton: If I'm already sunk, then it may be best for me to be completely silent.
    (12:46:48 PM) Wabbit: I suggest you read it when you get a chance. Take a break from work for a few minuts. Deadline is 5:30 pm today
    (12:47:17 PM) Wabbit: yiu are NOT already sunk. I think you have 1 vote. I may be sunk thiugh
    (12:47:26 PM) Wynton: that's disappointing
    (12:47:45 PM) Wabbit: nah - I'll get out of it for day one I think
    (12:47:48 PM) Wynton: I'd rather you survive than me, frankly
    (12:47:58 PM) Wabbit: Wes is in good shape though
    (12:48:06 PM) Wynton: That's good.
    (12:48:32 PM) Wabbit: If you want out say so and I can arrange it once I get back in the thread, which will be soon
    (12:48:34 PM) Wynton: Any harm in me just popping in to say I'm too busy to contribute today? It happens to be the basic truth, though I know that never matters
    (12:49:04 PM) Wynton: It's just that I'm busy through tomorrow around noon, if not later that day.
    (12:49:24 PM) Wynton: But I don't really care either way. If there is someone in the sidelines who doesn't mind coming in, that would be ok with me too.
    (12:49:33 PM) Wabbit: just popping in will probably look bad. Staying away completely will as well. I'm not sure. Popping in would be better than staying away
    (12:49:41 PM) Wynton: Then I'll stay away.
    (12:50:01 PM) Wabbit: O meant that popping in is the better alternative of the 2
    (12:50:38 PM) Wabbit: Especially if you state that you'll have more time starting tomorrow afternoon - as long as that's true
    (12:50:46 PM) Wynton: Ok, I'll pop in then, in a little while.
    (12:51:12 PM) Wynton: It is suspicious for me to mention the possibility that I should be replaced?
    (12:52:34 PM) Wabbit: you can raise the possibility, but if you'll have time starting tomorrow and you want to play I wouldn't. If you want out then pm Pie first and then mention that you did so (maybe ask him if it's ok that you mention it)
    (12:53:04 PM) Wynton: Sounds appropriate. I need to make some calls to confirm that I'll be ok by tomorrow, afternoon.
    (12:53:48 PM) Wabbit: let me know, because my approach will be different depending on what you decide.
    (12:54:28 PM) Wynton: I'll let you know as soon as I make contact with a guy whom I might have to meet in the afternoon. Probably will know in the next hour or two.
    (12:54:41 PM) Wabbit: and I need to know that you asked to be replaced with some lead time before you mention it in the thread
    (12:54:53 PM) Wabbit: that's fine
    (12:54:56 PM) Wynton: ok
    (12:57:05 PM) Wabbit: Actually I think I'll make some moves now to cover some bases. I can switch around, it's expected of me.
    (12:57:38 PM) Wynton: I'm going to make a very brief appearance now, and then disappear for a couple of hours. If you're around, I will touch base before reappearing.
    (12:57:48 PM) Wabbit: I'll be around
    (12:57:53 PM) Wynton: ok, ttyl
    (02:19:22 PM) Wabbit: If you are going to try and stay in this game you're going to have to get back in there somewhere along the line. At the moment my vote is on you and I'm, at least temporarily, trapped from moving it. You're now in the vote lead - although I suspect that that will ultimately change knowing this bunch. But you can never be certain.
    (02:20:22 PM) Wynton: Did my brief appearance just serve to raise suspicions?
    (02:21:47 PM) Wabbit: not really - it's been simmering all along. They're suspicious of me and trying to trap me, but also suspicious of you - as they have been. You didn't raise more suspicion, but you didn't allay any either.
    (02:22:04 PM) Wynton: We have a couple of hours before the deadline?
    (02:22:16 PM) Wabbit: 2.5+
    (02:22:59 PM) Wynton: Consider whether our team is better off with me gone, in the long run.
    (02:23:17 PM) Wynton: If you think things could be spun that way, then I don't mind.
    (02:23:27 PM) Wabbit: Losing one of us first day is ALWAYS bad
    (02:24:27 PM) Wabbit: However it's not necessarily a disaster. If it would buy me cover that's fine, but I'm not sure it really would - although it wouldn't hurt
    (02:26:54 PM) Wabbit: hmm - Nut may yet bail us out :)
    (02:28:13 PM) Wabbit: If he could manage to swing a thew lynch, with NONE of us on him that would be great. Stay tuned for further developments
    (02:28:40 PM) Wynton: Yeah, just let me know if you think I should re-emerge. Practically speaking, I need another hour of work first.
    (02:28:53 PM) Wabbit: Nut says:Right now, my bottom five are:


    Bugs, Wynton or MX

    (02:29:09 PM) Wynton: And I assume if I do come back, I should mostly just play defense, rather than target anyone in particular.
    (02:29:22 PM) Wynton: Btw, this is a good way of playing: just defer all decisions to you.
    (02:30:29 PM) Wabbit: definitely - you don't have enough info to play offense. If you come in targeting someone after saying that you haven't been reading all hell will break lose. Now if you get ammo from someone after you re-appear that's another matter
    (02:30:56 PM) Wabbit: lol - not that good
    (02:31:10 PM) Wynton: Are you and Wes talking much?
    (02:31:36 PM) Wabbit: Wes has been missing all day. We talked last night and that's it
    (02:32:32 PM) Wynton: At least you're unencumbered by too much discussion
    (02:35:50 PM) Wabbit: Wes is on
    (02:37:24 PM) Wynton: Tell me if he does anything Wes-confusing like
    (02:51:38 PM) Wabbit: Wes is now on Aim. Name is´╗┐ ITHGodfather
    (02:57:27 PM) Wynton: Alright, my plans tomorrow are crystallizing a bit. I have to be in court from around 9:30 to 11: or 11:30. I'll have about a half hour to an hour, before I have to leave. And then I won't return until around 5ish.
    (02:58:01 PM) Wabbit: please respond to the chat room invite :)
    (02:58:11 PM) Wynton: I don't have one
    (02:58:19 PM) Wabbit: stand by
    (02:59:06 PM) Wabbit: should have one now
    (02:59:30 PM) Wynton: I don't see it. Should it be in this window?
    (03:00:44 PM) Wabbit: not sure where it should appear but I sent it. How long since you updated your client (and are you using the standard aim client)?
    (03:01:23 PM) Wynton: No idea when I updated. I'm using version, and I assume it's standard. I'm not using Trillian or anything like that.
    (03:02:14 PM) Wabbit: wes said it just popped up in the main page
    (03:02:59 PM) Wabbit: on the buddy page see if you have an option to join a chat room on the menu someplace
    (03:03:10 PM) Wynton: just a sec
    (03:03:53 PM) Wabbit: might be called a conference room
    (03:04:35 PM) Wabbit: button with 3 faces on it?
    (03:04:46 PM) Wynton: I don't see anything like that
    (03:10:19 PM) Wabbit: wes says to close some pages - it has to be there :)
    (03:11:08 PM) Wabbit: I have one reference to a button with 3 faces and a speech bubble at the top of the buddy list
    (03:11:32 PM) Wabbit: otherwise try updating the client
    (03:11:52 PM) Wynton: I can't do this right now. I'll try in a few minutes.
    (03:11:58 PM) Wabbit: np
    (03:18:06 PM) Wabbit: you back now?
    (03:18:44 PM) Wynton: Yes, just wantd to see if closing and opening AIM made a difference. It did not. I have no pending requests that I can see.
    (03:18:57 PM) Wabbit: I'll try again
    (03:19:37 PM) Wabbit: invite sent
    • CommentAuthorPiemaster
    • CommentTimeMay 20th 2008
    Wowzers, this is going to be the smallest den in mafia history. Guess it's just me and you Wes.

    And Nside of course.
    Conversation with ithmafia at Tue 20 May 2008 02:54:54 PM EDT on ShadowRdrJ (aim)
    (02:54:54 PM) Wabbit entered the room.
    (02:55:33 PM) Wes entered the room.
    (02:55:50 PM) Wes: hello is Wynton still around?
    (02:56:19 PM) Wabbit: hold on, just invited him - although he's busy trying to get work done
    (02:56:33 PM) Wes: k
    (02:56:49 PM) Wes: I see you voted for him today u rasically rabbit
    (02:57:32 PM) Wabbit: yeah, and now San has me trapped there :( But Nut may yet bail me out
    (02:58:05 PM) Wes: I played some fps last night and it was fun
    (02:58:24 PM) Wes: was talking with san,NJ,PIzza and sounding very innocent I thought
    (03:01:05 PM) Wabbit: Wes, where did the invite appear when I sent it to you?
    (03:01:20 PM) Wes: just popped up on main page
    (03:06:19 PM) Wabbit: bah humbug - wynton can't find it
    (03:07:04 PM) Wes: lol
    (03:07:17 PM) Wes: tell him close some pages its got to be there
    (03:19:44 PM) Wynton entered the room.
    (03:19:48 PM) Wynton: Tada
    (03:20:02 PM) Wabbit: finally :)
    (03:20:11 PM) Wynton: That was exhausting
    (03:20:25 PM) Wes: hello
    (03:20:37 PM) Wes: badboywes was taken so I got this name
    (03:21:59 PM) Unable to send message: The message is too large.
    (03:22:21 PM) Wynton: So, as I was telling Bugs. I'm pretty busy with work stuff through tomorrow, which raises the question whether I should ask to be substituted.
    (03:22:27 PM) Wynton: I know I'll be busy all morning tomorrow. And I may be out during much of the afternoon too, as it turns out. After that, I'm around.
    (03:22:50 PM) Wabbit: These are from Pizza: I need to split it up:he fact that only Nut and I are sitting on KT at the moment and no other names are along for a nibble makes me think she might indeed be mafia.
    (03:23:04 PM) Wabbit: The fact that MX moved off of her and on to thew92 makes me a touch more suspicious of MX and a touch less of thew but I could be persuaded to vote for either today.
    (03:23:15 PM) Wes: I dont think you need a sub unless u want one
    (03:23:18 PM) Unable to send message: The message is too large.
    (03:23:21 PM) Wynton: If I announce my schedule or even obtain a replacement, that might actually buy me (or my replacement) time.
    (03:23:34 PM) Wes: but I may start guning for you for cover
    (03:23:38 PM) Wabbit: want to reiterate something I posted an hour or so ago. Wynton's persona is reminding me of the times in which he received a vanilla inoocent PM and had only a mild interest in the game,
    (03:23:46 PM) Wynton: I'm content to stay in the game. I just want to note that I'm ok with being substituted for, if it helps
    (03:23:52 PM) Wabbit: not the times in which he received a mafia or special character PM and had a heightened interest. I wouldn't mind waiting on Wynton and seeing more from him so that we can form a better judgment.
    (03:24:17 PM) Wynton: Good ole pizza
    (03:24:52 PM) Wes: Nah Wynton bro I am glad your in the den with us
    (03:25:24 PM) Wes: I would like you to stay but do what you wnat to do
    (03:26:37 PM) Wynton: OK. Both of you please let me know if I need to get involved this afternoon. I'd rather focus on work, and I have a call in a half hour I have to take.
    (03:27:03 PM) Unable to send message: The message is too large.
    (03:27:18 PM) Wynton: But I can find the time to make a quick appearance, if it is actually helpful. Without having read the thread at all recently, I'm betting it's just as good to be silent.
    (03:27:44 PM) Wes: MY guess is stay away look busy
    (03:27:48 PM) Wabbit: Hopefully they'll decide to lynch an inno that none of us are voting for
    (03:28:10 PM) Wes: but when u get on dig into the game like innocent Wynton would
    (03:28:41 PM) Wes: unles your logged in now and they see u lurking
    (03:28:42 PM) Wabbit: As a matter of fact if we can arrange to all vote for the same person, who's not getting lynched (or maybe both me and Wes on Wynton) that would provide great cover
    (03:29:22 PM) Wes: atm im pretty stuck on mx if I get a chance I could get off
    (03:29:34 PM) Wynton: I'm not logged in there, and won't go there unless you guys say I should.
    (03:31:01 PM) Wes: k im not caught up with today have u logged in at all today?
    (03:31:38 PM) Wynton: I logged in once, a couple of hours ago, just to say that I'm busy at work and can't contribute today.
    (03:32:14 PM) Wes: perfect
    (03:32:30 PM) Wabbit: we'll just have to see how things develop
    (03:32:56 PM) Wes: yup im trying to think how I can gradually get on the Wynton wagon
    (03:40:50 PM) Wabbit: We need to hope people move to someone else though
    (03:41:02 PM) Wes: this is Wynton
    (03:41:08 PM) Wes: If nothing else, I'll check back here an hour or so before the deadline, just in case there's something constructive I can do without the benefit of reading the whole thread (such as casting a vote to set up an informative result).

    (03:41:45 PM) Wes: if he does not show back up? I think someone may see it as a innocent who is busy in RL
    (03:42:11 PM) Wes: its a gamble but
    (03:42:20 PM) Wes: it could work
    (03:42:49 PM) Wabbit: it's all a gamble, the town is already starting to turn on itself though
    (03:43:21 PM) Wes: true
    (03:49:16 PM) Wynton: There's an extremely loud discussion going on in the conference room next to my office right now. I feel like shooting those people.
    (03:49:28 PM) Wes: lol
    (03:49:49 PM) Wabbit: hmm - know any good lawyers that would defend you? :)
    (03:49:59 PM) Wynton: We have 40 minutes or 80 minutes left before the deadline?
    (03:53:10 PM) Wabbit: 98 minutes - 5:30 EDT
    (03:53:45 PM) Wynton: Just tell me if and when I should do another pop-in (keeping in mind that I indicated I would earlier).
    (03:54:52 PM) Wabbit: whenever you have time, but be prepared to stay if you do. And be prepared for some flac
    (03:55:31 PM) Wes: im not sure if you should. I think if we decide to leave Pizza alive you shouldint. I think Pizza will pick up on that and give you bigg innocent points if you dont show back up in time.
    (03:55:56 PM) Wabbit: mx and wynton are tied with 3, KT has 2. I have 1
    (03:56:05 PM) Wynton: Without having read anything, I tend to assume that it's best for me to stay away.
    (03:56:33 PM) Wynton: By the way, I'm also sleep deprived now, so don't trust a thing I say
    (03:57:20 PM) Wabbit: the question is can we swing San or Wade of of you. I think San will jump, but I can't be sure. He may jump and then jump back
    (03:57:29 PM) Wes: lol
    (03:58:21 PM) Wabbit: I think it's better if you stay away. The only problem is that you haven't cast any votes so
    (03:58:49 PM) Wabbit: assuming you survive make sure you get one in early tomorrow (even if it's for nobody)
    (03:59:17 PM) Wynton: I'll certainly be able to find the time to vote tomorrow.
    (03:59:21 PM) Wynton: If I survive
    (03:59:28 PM) Wynton: Who have you guys voted for?
    (03:59:48 PM) Wes: mx
    (03:59:51 PM) Wes: atm
    (04:00:10 PM) Wabbit: You couldn't justify a vote right niw if you did show up at the last secind. If you show up in time to get some opinions etc then it might be ok
    (04:00:16 PM) Wes: may switch KT but mx is the better lynch if I was truly innocent
    (04:00:58 PM) Wabbit: I'm on you (wynton), and am trapped there by San. He wants to see of I jump. If I don't I think he will. If I do others may join him
    (04:01:29 PM) Wynton: The only purpose of me showing up would be to follow through with what I said earlier.
    (04:01:30 PM) Wynton: As indicated then, I could ask if a vote would help reveal info. But I couldn't take the time to really offer an independent view now, even if I wanted.
    (04:01:55 PM) Wes: I say stay away and pray lol
    (04:02:06 PM) Wynton: That often seems to work for others
    (04:03:22 PM) Wabbit: it's a gamble, but might be worth it. Just ask for opinions to bring you up to speed and promise to read the thread tonight etc. Worst case you get lynched, which may happen anyway.
    (04:04:01 PM) Wes: but even if he is lynched today I dont think they gain info
    (04:04:10 PM) Wabbit: Since you would need some time I wouldn't cut it too close - no more than 45 minutes before deadline. Any later than that and I'd just not show
    (04:04:20 PM) Wes: with buggs vote there they gain his trust
    (04:04:53 PM) Wabbit: That's iffy, but it wouldn't hurt. Pick a card, any card
    (04:05:21 PM) Wabbit: Round and round she goes, where she stops nobody knows
    (04:05:34 PM) Wabbit: Have I mentioned I hate first days :)
    (04:06:05 PM) Wynton: So, if I understand you guys correctly, you don't have a clear preference whether I show up or not.
    (04:06:34 PM) Wes: its your call
    (04:06:54 PM) Wes: I think it is not needed if u dont show back up they will keep u alive
    (04:06:58 PM) Wes: in my opinion
    (04:07:11 PM) Wynton: Then I opt to stay away.
    (04:07:20 PM) Wynton: barring further word from either of you
    (04:07:35 PM) Wabbit: I think he's right, but it's a gamble either way
    (04:07:53 PM) Wes: agreed
    (04:10:42 PM) Wabbit: The gamble just became larger since San just gave MX inno points (and me as well)
    (04:11:24 PM) Wes: sans set on the both of you being mobbed up
    (04:11:40 PM) Wes: I still like to call his bluff all the way down here but its your guys call
    (04:12:02 PM) Wynton: The more there is a clear need for me to say something, the more it will probably backfire.
    (04:12:58 PM) Wes: true
    (04:13:19 PM) Wynton: Just out of curiosity, is my absence even a factor in people voting for me?
    (04:13:44 PM) Wabbit: I think I may be giving him pause for thought. If Wynton does go and I'm still there I now think it will help. I still don't want that though if it can be avoided
    (04:13:46 PM) Wes: not that I can tell more your early game tone
    (04:14:06 PM) Wabbit: Doesn't seem to be.
    (04:14:23 PM) Wabbit: They've all been there for a while now
    (04:15:06 PM) Wabbit: Wade was first, I was second (this morning) and San ended up there to challenge me shortly thereafter
    (04:15:32 PM) Wabbit: He stated he loves being the swing vote
    (04:15:59 PM) Wabbit: He also loves to jump around, so he's unlikely to stay I think
    (04:16:54 PM) Wabbit: San: Nightkill odds?

    hmmm disregarding any detective hunting considerations or whatnot I make it:

    Nutjob: 1-2 odds on favourite
    Pizza: evens
    San: 3-1
    (04:18:00 PM) Wynton: For the record, I always like offing Pizza early.
    (04:18:20 PM) Unable to send message: The message is too large.
    (04:19:30 PM) Wynton: Suddenly I'm in the mood for a pepperoni pizza for dinner
    (04:20:07 PM) Unable to send message: The message is too large.
    (04:20:15 PM) Wabbit: lol
    (04:20:35 PM) Wabbit: Badboywes: MXRider
    Bugsbunny: Wynton
    Fojar: Bugsbunny
    Krazytxan: MXRider
    MXRider: Thew92
    Nutjob: Krazytxan
    (04:20:49 PM) Wabbit: Pizzabynight: Krazytxan
    San: Wynton
    Sullen_Scrota: Fojar
    Thew92: MXRider
    Wade: Wynton
    (04:21:09 PM) Wabbit: Badboywes 0
    Bugsbunny 1
    Fojar 1
    Krazytxan 2
    MXRider 3
    Nutjob 0
    Pizzabynight 0
    (04:21:21 PM) Wabbit: San 0
    Sullen_Scrota 0
    Thew92 1
    Wade 0
    Wynton 3
    Nobody 0

    (04:26:41 PM) Wes: if KT dont up her game I see her being lynched in the final minute
    (04:30:28 PM) Wabbit: wes - have you gotten den access yet?
    (04:30:48 PM) Wes: nope u?
    (04:31:37 PM) Wabbit: both of us were in yesterday. I suggest you do it. We can go there for the night phase. I need to paste in the logs as well
    (04:32:11 PM) Wes: k everytime I try and get nside page to load it wont
    (04:33:17 PM) Wynton: That was happening to me last night.
    (04:33:42 PM) Wynton: But at a different computer this morning, I got in. I was wondering whether it had anything to do with my location.
    (04:33:48 PM) Wabbit: last night it was dead - today it's been fine
    (04:34:34 PM) Wes: ok I will try now but Nside will have to get me access quick to make it for tonights actions
    (04:34:53 PM) Wes: It is much easier to chat on here and read the game then in the den I think
    (04:35:40 PM) Wabbit: we'll have enough time, just register and then pm him the info. Then try to login after deadline, you'll get in I suspect
    (04:36:27 PM) Wabbit: hit the login to get to the register button
    (04:40:37 PM) Wynton: Anything interesting going on there?
    (04:40:55 PM) Wes: umm im calling out mx to persuade me to change my vote
    (04:42:28 PM) Wes: done waiting on Nside now
    (04:46:20 PM) Wabbit: You can always go and read it without logging in
    (04:47:01 PM) Wes: k
    (04:49:55 PM) Wes: Let's do the tango - it involved a lot of feet movements I think.

    Vote to lynch Bugs
    (04:50:09 PM) Wabbit: bad
    (04:50:28 PM) Wabbit: KT is going to go down, don't rock the boat
    (04:50:30 PM) Wes: wtf is San up to?
    (04:50:41 PM) Wes: thats not me
    (04:50:47 PM) Wes: thats San's doing
    (04:51:19 PM) Wabbit: where was that?
    (04:51:30 PM) Wes: um refresh last page
    (04:51:43 PM) Wabbit: got it
    (04:52:27 PM) Wabbit: oo
    (04:52:41 PM) Wes: woot mx is confessing of being a special
    (04:52:43 PM) Wabbit: look at mx reveal :)
    (04:52:43 PM) Wes: lmao
    (04:53:00 PM) Wynton: What's happening? Mx is a special?
    (04:53:00 PM) Wes: damn we a re good we knew this already but we are good lol
    (04:53:05 PM) Wabbit: we do NOT kill him tonight (assuming I survive)
    (04:53:50 PM) Wabbit: when he comes up empty tomorrow - and alive - it could prove interesting
    (04:54:03 PM) Wes: true
    (04:54:15 PM) Wabbit: MX = detective
    (04:54:49 PM) Wabbit: If he investigated me I'm done
    (04:55:12 PM) Wynton: It would probably be good if he investigates me
    (04:55:30 PM) Wynton: Or am I already dead?
    (04:55:42 PM) Wabbit: I may be done anyways
    (04:58:00 PM) Wynton: Who's got the most votes?
    (04:58:19 PM) Wes: just changed 5to KT
    (04:58:45 PM) Wabbit: I think you and KT are tied
    (04:59:30 PM) Wynton: I wonder what KT did to deserve this treatment.
    (05:01:07 PM) Wabbit: she made some really stupid posts, and hasn't been around either
    (05:01:56 PM) Wes: yup but im under the impression shes busy in RL and dont really care
    (05:02:13 PM) Wes: she did say she would be inactive later in game
    (05:02:21 PM) Wabbit: If I do get lynched you have to try for MX and hope there's no doc. If there is a doc we're cooked anyways (if I go)
    (05:02:33 PM) Wes: wheil we are on that subject my sister is visiting this weekend I may not be as active
    (05:02:47 PM) Wynton: Was MX on the verge of being lynched? Is that why he declared?
    (05:02:53 PM) Wes: Yeah
    (05:03:00 PM) Wes: I was on his ass all day
    (05:03:02 PM) Wes: lol
    (05:03:06 PM) Wes: oops
    (05:04:05 PM) Wabbit: Yeah - although I think he would have survived
    (05:04:16 PM) Wes: wait mx sounds as if he could be the DR
    (05:04:22 PM) Wes: and he is going to self protect
    (05:04:49 PM) Wes: heres his last post
    (05:05:20 PM) Wabbit: unlikely - since that would ensure he comes up with no info tomorrow and it could (and will be) spun as a false declare
    (05:05:33 PM) Wes: tue
    (05:05:35 PM) Wes: true
    (05:06:15 PM) Wes: damn why did I have to push mx so hard
    (05:06:34 PM) Wes: think it will kick me in my rear?
    (05:06:40 PM) Wynton: No
    (05:06:51 PM) Wynton: If anything, it probably helps you
    (05:06:57 PM) Wes: k
    (05:07:53 PM) Wabbit: He hasn't had an investigation :)
    (05:08:22 PM) Wes: Sans pushing for a reveal
    (05:08:39 PM) Wes: hmm then he corrects him self
    (05:09:21 PM) Wynton: I think I'll survive, because I'm kind of hoping to die.
    (05:09:43 PM) Wabbit: There's only 1 vote on you now - mine :)
    (05:09:51 PM) Wynton: seriously?
    (05:09:52 PM) Wes: changing to you buggs
    (05:09:58 PM) Wynton: what the hell happened
    (05:10:09 PM) Wes: will make it 4-3
    (05:10:26 PM) Wabbit: no - that will put 3 on me and make it too easy. If anything switch to Wynton along with me
    (05:10:26 PM) Wes: if need be final min ill swap
    (05:11:02 PM) Wynton: Lest there be any doubt here, I encourage you to sacrifice me if it gains any deep cover (or shallow cover)
    (05:11:16 PM) Wabbit: They'll never figure 2 mafia voting for the 3rd
    (05:11:47 PM) Wabbit: with nobody else on there - just make sure you can justify it
    (05:12:27 PM) Wes: I dont like the way this looks with a runaway train for KT at 5-2. So since we have not herd from Wynton yet lets see where this gets us. vote wynton
    (05:12:29 PM) Wes: ?
    (05:13:05 PM) Wabbit: sound good, you can switch if need. I'd rather not unless it's to save my own skin
    (05:13:27 PM) Wes: vote is now on Wynton
    (05:14:22 PM) Wabbit: KT is declaring as a special :) this could get interesting
    (05:14:23 PM) Wes: KT just said
    (05:14:30 PM) Wes: I am a special too!!
    (05:14:32 PM) Wes: lmao
    (05:15:24 PM) Wes: at least if we loose im having fun
    (05:15:25 PM) Wynton: Haha
    (05:15:33 PM) Wynton: What special is KT?
    (05:15:39 PM) Wes: dont know yet
    (05:15:47 PM) Wes: knowing Pie there all specials
    (05:15:50 PM) Wes: so they think
    (05:15:52 PM) Wynton: She said she's a special, without stating what kind?
    (05:15:58 PM) Wes: yup
    (05:16:15 PM) Wynton: Would be funny if Pie made half of them detectives
    (05:16:41 PM) Wes: yup
    (05:17:04 PM) Wabbit: ditto :) Hmm - wynton be ready to login and cast a quick vote if needed. Login about 2 minutes before deadline. It might cook your goose for tomorrow, but might not. We'll only do it if it looks like you're getting lynched
    (05:18:16 PM) Wynton: If I login at last second and vote, doesn't that automaticaly kill me? Or is it worth it anyway?
    (05:18:33 PM) Wabbit: If you don't need to vote you just got there too late, thought the deadline was 6:30 (which is what the thread title said before Pie changed it to UK rather than GMT)
    (05:19:05 PM) Wynton: When was it changed? Unless it was changed in past couple of hours, that sounds like a lame excuse
    (05:19:22 PM) Wabbit: Since you've been too busy to keep up you weren't aware of the change
    (05:19:57 PM) Wabbit: And you would notice a thread title change from GMT to UK if I didn't tell you?
    (05:19:58 PM) Wynton: For my vote to matter, things are going to have to be close. And then, the vote needs to be timed precisely, so no one can change.
    (05:20:03 PM) Wes: pizza vote is locked
    (05:20:13 PM) Wes: I think its better u dont log in at all
    (05:20:22 PM) Wynton: There are no real "locked" votes. That's one thing I remember Pie specifying.
    (05:20:24 PM) Wabbit: That's why I said you only vote if critical
    (05:20:40 PM) Wes: pizza says he is done for the day
    (05:20:40 PM) Wynton: I don't even want to login unless my vote is critical
    (05:20:43 PM) Wes: he dont lie
    (05:21:46 PM) Wes: kt said
    (05:21:51 PM) Wes: I have special powers and I will not be leaving alone. Who wants to join
    (05:22:07 PM) Wynton: wtf?
    (05:22:29 PM) Wabbit: But we need the minute or 2 to enable you to get the vote in - if needed. Just be ready just in case. Do not post around KT Wes. She may blow up and take people with her
    (05:23:29 PM) Wynton: So, am I dying or not?
    (05:23:47 PM) Wabbit: Depends what KT does - she's going to blow
    (05:23:55 PM) Wynton: This is funny.
    (05:24:10 PM) Wynton: KT=volcano
    (05:24:32 PM) Wynton: If I die, I recommend you try to kill MX tonight. I think it's worth the chance that there's no doc protecting him.
    (05:25:27 PM) Wabbit: nah - I block him, he gets no results with his investigation and then gets accused of a false declare
    (05:26:00 PM) Wynton: Oh, I forgot you could do that
    (05:26:31 PM) Wabbit: Nut just voted for me
    (05:26:40 PM) Wynton: Are you in serious danger?
    (05:27:00 PM) Wabbit: thread is locked
    (05:27:03 PM) Wes: why?
    (05:27:07 PM) Wes: 4 mins here
    (05:27:41 PM) Wabbit: Pie's clock must be off :)
    (05:27:48 PM) Wynton: that's funny too
    (05:27:56 PM) Wynton: what's the current vote?
    (05:28:05 PM) Wes: lmao oh well
    (05:28:17 PM) Wabbit: KT goes down, I think, without exploding
    (05:28:17 PM) Wes: hopefully KT dont take u out Buggs
    (05:28:23 PM) Wes: lmao
    (05:28:50 PM) Wabbit: bah humbug
    (05:28:54 PM) Wynton: ?
    (05:29:09 PM) Wabbit: The thread has been locked while some specials stuff is sorted out. You will be given extra time before deadline to compensate.
    (05:29:21 PM) Wynton: that's interesting
    (05:29:29 PM) Wynton: I assume some questions have been raised
    (05:29:42 PM) Wes: maybe KT gets to lock thread and decide who to blow u[p?
    (05:29:48 PM) Wynton: haha
    (05:30:17 PM) Wabbit: If Kt is in the lead and blows up then my guess is 2nd place vote total gets lynched
    (05:30:40 PM) Wabbit: that may be me at the moment, or wynton
    (05:30:47 PM) Wynton: I choose me
    (05:30:59 PM) Wes: this is some funny stuff
    (05:31:08 PM) Wes: most intresting day one ever I think
    (05:31:18 PM) Wynton: Bugs, in case it's you, tell us your choice to be night-killed
    (05:31:22 PM) Wynton: or any other thoughts
    (05:31:25 PM) Wabbit: I think it's 3-3 with Nuts vote switch
    (05:31:41 PM) Wabbit: If I go you have to try for MX
    (05:31:58 PM) Wes: I disagree
    (05:32:05 PM) Wynton: any other kernels of wisdom?
    (05:32:19 PM) Wes: wait no n0 lynch there aint a doc
    (05:32:25 PM) Wes: maybe your right
    (05:32:26 PM) Wabbit: and Wes will probably have to win the day, so work on giving him cover. That's all I can think of at the moment
    (05:32:44 PM) Wes: no pressure I have been here before
    (05:33:11 PM) Wes: ill brb
    (05:35:06 PM) Wynton: Dare I ask how long the game thread now is?
    (05:35:10 PM) Wabbit: KT 3, Wynton 2, MX 2, Bugs 2 FUUUUCK
    (05:35:25 PM) Wynton: how can MX still have 2 votes
    (05:35:33 PM) Wabbit: Good luck guys
    (05:35:42 PM) Wynton: don't be such a fatalist
    (05:35:54 PM) Wabbit: KT blew me up
    (05:35:59 PM) Wynton: it's official?
    (05:36:06 PM) Wabbit: Yes
    (05:36:09 PM) Wynton: and she's gone too?
    (05:36:13 PM) Wabbit: yes
    (05:36:23 PM) Wynton: boo
    (05:36:39 PM) Wynton: Wes, you still there?
    (05:36:43 PM) Wabbit: Wynton now has 1 vote, since mine shouuld no longer count
    (05:36:50 PM) Wynton: Huh?
    (05:37:06 PM) Wynton: Maybe you shouldn't say anything (at least nothing that's not already in the game thread), Bugs
    (05:37:08 PM) Wabbit: as soon as the thread re-opens I'm posting the logs in the den and I'm out
    (05:37:35 PM) Wynton: Yoo, hooo, Wes?
    (05:37:43 PM) Wes: im here
    (05:38:09 PM) Wynton: Do we know how much time there is for night decisions? Without having read a thing, I think we have to go for MX
    (05:38:54 PM) Wynton: But we should take our time to announce the decision, or at least figure out a good time to tell Pie.
    (05:39:24 PM) Wynton: It can't be linked to a time when I have obviously reappeared (or to a time when you have obviously disappeared)
    (05:39:59 PM) Wes: yup
    (05:40:31 PM) Wes: san is voting for u wow
    (05:40:38 PM) Wynton: I thought the voting was done
    (05:40:40 PM) Wes: I might loose u both in day 1 yippe
    (05:40:45 PM) Wes: no
    (05:41:11 PM) Wynton: So how much time is left?
    (05:41:47 PM) Wes: 9 mins
    (05:41:59 PM) Wes: u should log in
    (05:42:01 PM) Wes: I think
    (05:42:03 PM) Wes: now
    (05:42:07 PM) Wes: maybe not up 2 u
    (05:42:57 PM) Wes: sullen is undecided who to vote for
    (05:43:10 PM) Wynton: What's the vote count now?
    (05:45:03 PM) Wynton: And when Bugs was blown up, did Pie indicate his status as a mobster?
    (05:45:24 PM) Wes: yeah
    (05:45:30 PM) Wes: I think your gone bro
    (05:45:41 PM) Wes: I just left a post that I hope gain my ultimate cover
    (05:46:54 PM) Wes: looks like its tied up
    (05:47:01 PM) Wes: if your not signed in dont sign in
    (05:47:22 PM) Wynton: I'm not signing in
    (05:47:58 PM) Wynton: Who am I tied with?
    (05:48:36 PM) Wes: thew,mx, and u
    (05:48:57 PM) Wynton: How could MX have votes? People don't believe he's a detective?
    (05:49:03 PM) Wes: damn san just broke tie for u
    (05:49:11 PM) Wes: fojar and thew
    (05:49:31 PM) Wynton: well, looks like you'll be playing solo, good luck
    (05:49:42 PM) Wes: wow I guess so this is crazy
    (05:49:52 PM) Wynton: In case you need to use this info, keep in mind that yesterday I was the first to suggest that you should be lynched
    (05:50:06 PM) Wes: nice
    (05:50:12 PM) Wes: good looking out
    (05:50:22 PM) Wes: was fun bro wish it would of lasted longer for u 2
    (05:50:22 PM) Wynton: Yeah, but don't use that too quickly. Keep it in reserve
    (05:50:28 PM) Wes: I know
    (05:50:30 PM) Wynton: me too
    (05:50:38 PM) Wynton: just as well, I'm work-swamped
    (05:50:42 PM) Wes: I can pull this off its been done b4
    (05:50:51 PM) Wynton: I'm sure you can
    (05:51:03 PM) Wes: ill do my best hopefully we can gloat lol
    (05:51:23 PM) Wes: if I win this game though they will never let me live past day 1 again I dont think :-(
    (05:52:09 PM) Wes: its not ofical yet but your a goner
    (05:52:41 PM) Wes: best thing is I was the first one to be on you before all the excitement happend so hopefully they take me as innocent
    (05:52:54 PM) Wynton: sounds like you have good cover for a bit
    (05:53:02 PM) Wynton: but take out the detective
    (05:53:32 PM) Wes: yeah I dont see there bine a doc with this set up. If there is the game is not set up fair
    (05:53:38 PM) Wes: being
    (05:56:43 PM) Wabbit: Ok Wes - good luck. Take this to the den, I'm posting the log as of now. Just post your thoughts in there for posterity
    (05:57:30 PM) Wes: ok I will
    (05:57:39 PM) Wes: have fun wtaching all and ill do my best
    Last comment - this could have gotten interesting if MX didn't declare (or KT didn't blow me up). As it is I think we're done, even though I know Wes will fight the good fight.
    This is going to be the shortest den ever.
    • CommentAuthorPiemaster
    • CommentTimeMay 20th 2008
    That was a pretty horrific day for you guys. The stars alligned pretty badly for you at the end there what with MX coming under fire and declaring, KT picking right amd then the town piling onto Wynton.
    • CommentAuthorStriker
    • CommentTimeMay 22nd 2008
    I am finally here in the den and I am once again alone how fub huh?? lol This has beena fun game but somewhat frustrating for the fact we started in a day faze. I tried killing MX in N1 because I really thought with the set up and starting in the day we would not have a DR in the game. I still think there is a out side chance MX is the DR. With this set up you could declare anything and the real Det would probably just stay quite and investigate you. Maybe I am just a loon who knows lol?

    Day 2 I got a late start getting to the game and was not feel so well so I told a white lie and made it sound like I was really sick(I am sorry I really hate to lie) but I dont play to loose I play to win. I had a real hard time getting into the game and think my 1st day 2 post is my worst post ever as a bad guy. At a time yesterday I really thought we would get out of the day with the three of us being alive. So when my two denmates where killed before the first NK it was hard to take. Then I try and kill MX and the game just gets more complicated for me to win by doing so. Then out of no where NJ says he has a guaranteed win to top all of this off and I have been busting my tail trying to figure out who the Doc is. Thats the reason why I said I was real sick so I could focus on looking for the Doc. ATM I have it down to Fojar,San,Pizza and possibly MX if he is as crazy as me wich I somewhat doubt.

    So my first thought was I would play the same game the innocents have decided to play and NK noone. The rules state if after 4 actions 2 full days no kill is made the game is a draw. I am pretty sure someone would of picked this up but I thought it would be alot of fun to see you all question NJ and sweat it out. Then when I logged on tonight I had a strong gut instinct that MX was going to investigate me so I PM Pie before the EOD and said to go ahead and NK MX. I think I will more then likely NK Fojar tomorrow and if im wrong the game is over I guess. Before I make my final decison though I will read the thread over as much as possible as long as pie allows me to just incase I have missed something.

    San if you are the DOc well played Sir Same as for you Pizza you played a great game. KT wow your awesome and I wish I would of been lucky enough to be innocent this game. MX LMAO Bro I wish so badly I wouldint have been gunning for you now well played and it was the perfect time to reveal nice work dude.

    • CommentAuthorStriker
    • CommentTimeMay 22nd 2008
    I took a gamble the talk at the end of day 2 made me go back to my original plan to no NK night 2. I hope to God MX does not invetigate me. I am all stressed out I sne this PM to Pie and got this response and his smile has me all nervous lmao.

    From: badboywes
    To: Piemaster
    Posted: Thu May 22, 2008 12:57 am
    Subject: Re: hey bro
    NO NK final answer sry im wishy washy on this lol

    From: Piemaster
    To: badboywes
    Posted: Thu May 22, 2008 12:58 am
    Subject: Re: hey bro