I’m trying to significantly increase my poker hours

Since the last post, I had two days where I played a reasonable amount of poker. I managed to lose and win almost exactly the same amount on the two days, so I’m holding steady there. I’m still only at 4,300 VPPs, which puts me way behind pace. I have 11 days left to maintain Platinum, but I could still get there if I run just over 500 VPPs per day. The only real problem should I fail to hit platinum is that I intend to cash in FPPs for an entry into Event 2 of the WSOP and I have to be Platinum to do that. I need 93,000 FPPs to buy that particular prize and I’m currently sitting on 92,372. I guess I’m fairly certain to get there before the end of the month, so that should be no problem.

I took another day off because it was my birthday and my lovely bride made me a better offer. I had a great day. She bought me a new watch that I had been lusting after for ages, the Breitling Navitimer:

This watch in my view, is the ultimate geek watch. The outer dial is a circular slide rule, which lets me calculate the pot odds to precise detail at the table. I also got the metal band to go with the leather one, so I can dress it up when I want to. I’d rather have this than a Rolex by a factor of 100x.

The poker over the last few days was relatively unremarkable. I noticed that when I played some 5/10 tables mixed in with my regular games that some of my tricks didn’t work. I have to remember to adjust. I also got a ton of comments on a hand where I called down with a weak Ace unimproved. One guy congratulated me on the gutsy calls and another guy berated me for being a fish (guess which one was the guy who was bluffing). It was a hand that would not have attracted any attention at higher limits. The board started out with straight and flush draws and paired on the turn, so it was relatively likely to have missed the initial raiser and there were zillions of busted draws he could have been betting on the river. As it turns out, he was betting KQ with a busted oesd, so I won the pot. Most 30/60 players would have called down with an Ace, so I didn’t even really think about it. It was cool because the ensuing discussion seemed to get me a lot more action. I think I said “I never lose with A6” which really set off the other guy. Good times.

It looks like the first week of the WSOP will be lousy with ITHers, so I’m looking forward to it. Paulif phoned me up to express his enthusiasm the other day. I just read that PokerElmo is also cashing in his FPPs for Event #2, so we should be there in force.

By Nsidestrate

I'm a hard-core limit ring game poker player who is becoming a degenerate sports bettor. I'm sure it will all make more sense if you read on.