I wrote a long post ranting about the recent action in the US Congress to try to stop online gambling.  It included lots of links to the full text of the bill, press releases from various poker sites that are bailing out of the US market and commentary from my internet friends.  In what was perhaps symbolic, my PC locked up and refused to submit the post.  I’m too digusted to post it again.

My primary hunting ground was Party, which is going to boot me off.  The Republicans have proven themselves to be the craven hypocrits I knew they were by continuing their policy of less government except when it comes to moralizing bullshit.

Poker will continue to exist, but it is going to be much, much worse than it is today.  TV poker will start to dry up with the end of advertising revenues from the poker sites.

My buddy Chevin said it best, “Land of the free, my sweaty arse.

By Nsidestrate

I'm a hard-core limit ring game poker player who is becoming a degenerate sports bettor. I'm sure it will all make more sense if you read on.