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May 31, 2008 Phone call

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May 31, 2008 Phone call

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May 30, 2008 Phone call


Good omens for the WSOP

My preparations for the WSOP have been quite different this year. Last year, I went on a massive run of playing tons and tons immediately before the WSOP and ended up somewhat burned out with poker by the time it ended. This year, I’ve actually cut back on my playing immediately before the event. I’ve been reading a bit more and thinking a lot more, but playing less. I feel more excited and ready to play than I did last year and I believe that my game is as sharp as it has ever been. Hopefully good results will follow.

My flight to Vegas leaves after work tomorrow. I got an email today from the airlines that they have confirmed my free upgrade to first class. I regard this as a sign of good luck to follow. I’ll give the podcast phone thing one last test to make sure that is set up correctly and then my next update will be from the Rio!

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Almost done with the evil kitchen!

I’ve played a little bit of poker, but am hopelessly off the pace. I think I’m at 4,100 FPP at this point. I’m about to fly off to New York, so I will probably not play this weekend at all. On the plus side, the kitchen is nearly done. We’re probably going to get different outlet covers, refinish the floors and need to do a few trim items, but it is nearly there.

We’re pleased with the granite (click for high-res):

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Podcasting temporarily

I’m still working on a solution that will be a bit more elegant in terms of putting each podcast neatly within its own individual post, but at a minimum, you should be able to clik on the little podcast deal on the right and hear my phone updates live from Las Vegas when I head out there for the WSOP.  It appears that it will simply start by playing the most recent update and keep playing until it hits the oldest one.

As best I can tell, it will also post a link to the original podcast source once per day that will let you look at the date/time stamp of each one.  Matthew Hilger turned me on to this particular podcast technology.  I think he got it from Rizen.   I notice that Elmo is playing with it too, so hopefully one of us will figure out a way to make it extra-beautiful.


I am a tilt inducing machine

I was four tabling last night, trying to build up a few FPPs prior to my Vegas trip. I’ll ridiculously off the pace this month. I think I’ve got about 33% of the hands I need to play despite the calendar saying that the month is 67% over. I’m fairly sure I’m going to miss because I don’t expect to put on a full-court press to get there. Even though I was playing last night, I cut back to two tables when someone posted that Tall Paul was deep in the 50k tourney last night. As expected, he held on to win the damn thing and claim 10k or so. It was fun to railbird him.

Anyhow, on one particular table (a 10/20 limit game), I got one player totally aggravated. I had marked his play as soon as I sat down. The first hand that we really tangled was this one, where I defended my blind very light in hopes of playing a hand with him.
PokerStars 10/20 Hold’em (9 handed) Poker Stars Converter Tool from (Format: HTML)

Preflop: Hero is BB with :4c, :9d.
5 folds, CO raises, 2 folds, Hero calls.

Flop: (4.50 SB) :Jh, :Ts, :Kd (2 players)
Hero checks, CO bets, Hero calls.

One of his issues was a tendency to give up easily. Against most players I’d check raise with any hand I intended to continue, but I assumed he would check the turn and give up on the river with smaller pairs and Ace-rags.

Turn: (3.25 BB) :Qh (2 players)
Hero checks, CO checks.

Kind of a funny card, this. Nice that I now actually have a hand, but they don’t call it the idiot end for nothing. His range includes a lot of Aces (he had raised and shown down A4o previously). When he checks, I’m obviously good. I would have called down anyhow.

River: (3.25 BB) :7h (2 players)
Hero bets, CO calls.

Final Pot: 5.25 BB

Hero has :4c :9d (straight, king high).
CO shows :Qs :8s (a pair of Queens).

Outcome: Hero wins 5.25 BB.

I thought the hand was relatively normal, although the fact that I defended with 94o might suggest a certain lack of respect for his play. He, however, took great offense to this decision, as evidenced by the following chat:

Tilt-o-Whirl said, “What a dip S H I T”
Tilt-o-Whirl said, “9 4 on a raise? what a dip S H I T”

The clever use of additional spaces demonstrates a certain expertise with abusive poker chat. Since I was feeling a bit rambunctious and since he had previously harassed another player, I decided to engage him and try to keep him focused on me. Normally, the best thing to do is to ignore guys like this, but I actually enjoy taunting them. Probably not my best character trait.

Hero said, “I didn’t realize you would only raise monsters like Q8.”
Tilt-o-Whirl said, “I guess we need pepole like you to make a living”
Hero said, “I just play the shiny ones.”

I then win a few pots from him, but don’t show down any of them, so he is quiet for an orbit or two. Then I get into a big hand in an ugly situation with him and another guy.

PokerStars 10/20 Hold’em (8 handed) Poker Stars Converter Tool from (Format: HTML)

Preflop: Hero is UTG+1 with :Ts, :9s.
1 fold, Hero calls, 3 folds, Button raises, 1 fold, BB calls, Hero calls.

This is mostly spewish. I limped because there had been a lot of family pots at this table and I thought that I could encourage a big pot. Villain is the Button, so heads-up with him would be OK since I think I can steamroller him a bit.

Flop: (6.50 SB) :Qh, :Tc, :8s (3 players)
BB bets, Hero raises, Button calls, BB 3-bets, Hero calls, Button calls.

Well, this is not the worst flop ever. When the BB leads, I figure I’d like to isolate him and take control of the hand. Many BBs will lead with total crap. When villain calls, he probably has something decent and when BB 3-bets, I’m probably in trouble. Hard to fold though, with a gut shot and a pair and a backdoor flush draw.

Turn: (7.75 BB) :6s (3 players)
BB bets, Hero calls, Button calls.

That’s not bad. Maybe I’ll go runner-runner and win a nice pot.

River: (10.75 BB) :Qs (3 players)
BB bets, Hero raises, Button calls, BB 3-bets, Hero calls, Button calls.

The river card sure looked like a great one until the BB three-bets me AGAIN. Still, I’m not folding my flush.

Final Pot: 19.75 BB

BB has :Qd :Th (full house, queens full of tens).
Hero has :Ts :9s (flush, queen high).
Button has :As :Qc (three of a kind, queens).

Outcome: BB wins 19.75 BB.

Predictably, Tilt-O-Whirl was none too impressed with my play of that hand. In this case, he had a point, although he mangled it a bit. I even broke my rule and provided actual poker content back to him. Another bad play.

Tilt-o-Whirl said, “nice betind 23-19 DIP S H I T i had you bet with Q A”
Hero said, “well, at least some good came of the hand then.”
Tilt-o-Whirl said, “Dip S H I T”
Hero said, “of course, I had the flush so you might want to reread the hand history”
Tilt-o-Whirl said, “on the riaer DIP S H I T”
Tilt-o-Whirl said, “All that raiseing with 4 spades DIP S H I T”

If he is going to get mad every time I raise the flop with the worst hand, he is going to be a very unhappy guy. I decide not to tell him this. I also never raised with 4 spades. I raised with 3 spades and with 5 spades.

I then go a mini-run which is mixed in with this penetrating analysis from him of my playing style:

Tilt-o-Whirl said, “you must be a woman”
Hero said, “because I laugh at you?”
Tilt-o-Whirl said, “No because you play poker like one”
Hero said, “You should see me throw a baseball.”
Tilt-o-Whirl said, “So now your a pro ball player”
Hero said, “No, I throw like a girl”
Tilt-o-Whirl said, “don’t tell me your a ****”
Tilt-o-Whirl said, “H O M O”
Hero said, “does that frighten you? Hit a little close to home?”
Tilt-o-Whirl said, “No I was thinking of your father”

At this point, I typed “That’s funny, I was thinking of YOUR father.” but that seemed a bridge too far, so I backed up and typed this instead.

Hero said, “you should be more concerned for my wife. She’ll be gutted by your news”
Tilt-o-Whirl said, “Isyou wife a man”
Hero said, “not last time I checked.”
Hero said, “been a few hours tho”

I left the table up about $800 and he was down $200 when I left. I double checked this morning and my wife is thankfully still a woman. I’m up about $700 total for the month thus far, not counting my People’s Championship win.

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May 21, 2008 Phone call


Half of the new granite installed!

Its kind of a good news/bad news thing. We really, really love the way the new countertops turned out. Unfortunately, the installers managed to crack the longest piece all the way through. In the thin piece just in front of the sink, there is a noticeable crack that runs all the way through it. I’m pretty sure they did it while they were trying to manhandle it into place. They offered to replace it or give me a discount on the price and I went for the replacement option.

Here is a semi-blurry photo of the new counters:

Once they install the backsplash (Thursday!), I’ll post up a few more pictures.  I may even break out the good camera, so you can see it!  Torch will note that the fridge is indeed counter depth.  I don’t like to admit it, but I think he was right.  It would look odd if it wasn’t.

I’ve played very little poker, but I did get in a few hands last night.  Nothing spectacular to report.  In fact, I actually don’t even know if I’m up or down for the month.


Home Renovation Progress at last!

This blog entry is essentially devoid of poker content.  Sorry about that.

My Dad came up to help with the electrical projects.  We took down the old kitchen light fixture, poked a new hole across the room, ran wire between them and installed new new ceiling boxes (as well as reassembled the old light until the new track lighting goes in).  We added an outlet in the new mud room closet where we set up a charging station for all our cameras and cell phones and various gadgets.  That one was a challenge since there were studs everywhere, including some that were inexplicably sideways.  We tore up a chunk of drywall, but fortunately that will be covered by the backsplash, so no real harm there.  It all went so well that we added an additional project to the mix and installed a three way dimmer switch on the mud room lights.  That one was actually a pain in the neck because the wires that were supposed to be plainly labeled as to which was which no the switches and color-coded on the insulation were neither.  They didn’t use standard wire colors and they painted over the switch so you couldn’t read what terminal was what.  To add insult to injury, my multi-meter gave up the ghost.  I was pleased to discover that a new one was only like $14, so not even a small blind.  Once we got a new meter working, it went pretty smoothly from there.  I had to fuss with the switches to get the faceplate to mount properly, but it all looks great now.  We also cleaned up some work in the fusebox from where we removed the old circuit for the electric oven and upgraded the bathroom to a 20 amp circuit.

Even better, the granite guys are bringing our new counter tops Monday!  We have been very eagerly awaiting this day.  Having the counters installed will really change things from feeling like we are living in a construction site to having a new kitchen.  I’m so pleased with how things have gone, I might even play a little poker tonight.