Pandora’s Box

So, I got PokerTracker running on the macbook using Parallels and I’ve loaded all my hands and I have much better precision on my results.  As I suspected, I’m losing at 5/10 trying to play four or more simultaneous tables.  I’m also getting killed heads-up.  It turns out I’m getting waxed at pretty much every limit I’ve played heads-up, so it is pretty obvious that I’m not adequately skilled in proper heads-up play to do that at my usual limits.  To my surprise, I am doing quite well at the 10/20 6-max game.  Maybe I will make that my back-up game when the regular games aren’t going.

There is a lot of very cool new software out there since I last played a lot.  There is a beta of a new PokerTracker and an apparent serious competitor and several graphing tools.  One tool in particular, PokerEV, really has some awesome features.   It can look at the share of the pot you were mathematically expected to win and compare it to your actual winnings.  This will let you know when your results are above or below your expectation.  I thought I was running a bit hot, but according to their calculations I’m actually getting a bit unlucky and winning less that I am mathematically expected to have won.  It had a number of other filters and graphs, some of which showed me results I didn’t expect.  I’ve spent some time playing with it and I’m still not sure exactly what all it is telling me.  I need to think more about it.

I had another solid night.  I only played a couple of hours and I booked another small win.  I had a great pot at 10/20 where the big blind hit a flush at the same time I hit the nut flush and another guy had an overpair.  Fireworks ensued and I mostly laid in the weeds and let the other two guys do the raising.  It was a monster pot.  I’m now at 10,500 VPPs for January.  I feel like I should bank a few extra points for some future stretch when I’m really not into playing poker that much.  I also experimented with playing some NL.  I’m pretty sure that when I feel like I’m not that sharp it would be easier to multi-table NL.  In NL, I don’t play nearly as many hands and I think I could play robotically a bit better.  So if I get desperate to work off some extra points, I could probably do it fairly well with 4 tables of 2/4NL or 3/6NL and lose less that I seem to at 5/10 limit trying to play four tables.

By Nsidestrate

I'm a hard-core limit ring game poker player who is becoming a degenerate sports bettor. I'm sure it will all make more sense if you read on.