Lots of hands today, lighting money on fire.

Sunday, February 10, 2008 2:35 | Filled in poker

I have no one to blame for today’s debacle but PokerElmo.  I was sailing along at $400 NL, crushing it to death for 16 ptbb/100.  He pops up in the comments and says “not sustainable” and “5 ptbb/100 is probably more realistic.”  As today drew to a close, my $400 NL earn rate is now 4.87 ptbb/100.  I need dumber friends.

I dropped four buy-ins in an astonishingly short period of time.  Sadly, only one was a bad beat.  I lost two flips, once with AK and the other time with QQ.  No Ace when I need it and two of them when he needed one.  C’est la vie.  The fourth one was a poker embarrassment.  Remember the rule that the fourth raise pre-flop is always Aces?  I didn’t and got stacked with JJ when I somehow wishful thinkinged myself into a braindead call.  Such a fish play.  I was disgusted and went back to limit.  I actually recovered all the $1,200 I was down at one point on the limit tables and then eventually gave most all of it back.  It was a miserable day results-wise where I ended up down over $1,000 again.

However, I am quite sure I played pretty well.  Big pairs went down in flames over and over and sets lost to runner-runner crap, so I’m not troubled about that.  I did win a satellite into the big weekly VIP freeroll and I played a lot of hands.  My VPP count is now 4,800, so almost halfway to the monthly goal.

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