Tiny Tip #2

Tuesday, May 6, 2008 18:16 | Filled in poker

When it folds to you in the small blind, complete. If the flop misses you or you flop a draw, bet the flop. If the flop hits you, check-raise. This will cover 90% of your hands in this situation.

The other situations that come up are:

  1. You hit the flop and he fails to bet when you check. In that case you can either bet the turn or if he is the type who can’t check twice, go ahead and try for another check-raise. I find the latter amusing.
  2. He three bets from the BB. Against most players, you have to respect this move. I’d usually check-raise the flop if I catch and check-fold if I don’t. You can use my “check raising the flop for fun and profit” for more details on that.

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