Update after level two (by SuitedPair)

OK, Nside called me at his break after level two. He is sitting with about 1400 in chips. The average stack is 1100, so he is doing fine. He likes his table. Most of the players are pretty solid tight non-pros with one crazy reckelss player and a couple of TV-watching wannabees. That is Nside’s favorite mix for ring games, so lets hope he finds it as profitable in a tourney setting.

He didn’t have many notable hands in the first two levels. He picked up a few chips in a blind v. blind battle and later floped a full house with 99, but didn’t get too much action with it. His biggest hand was JJ, which he folded preflop when the tightest player at the table came over the top of an early raiser. Four players saw the flop, T87. The re-raiser bet the pot and the player who called the re-raise cold pushed in. The tight player called, showed AA and went home when the other guy’s TT held up.

After the break, Nside e-mailed to tell me that an agressive player with a large stack was moved to his table and seated directly to his right. I’ll keep you posted as I get details.