I’m apparently obsessed with Jamie Gold

I’ve gotten some static from a few people that I don’t really know what the situation is with Jamie Gold and Crispin Leyser is and that speculation is unfounded.  They often focus on the fact that Gold has never publicly stated an intention not to pay Leyser.  I have always thought that was silly, since it would be odd for Leyser to sue if he was being reassured by Gold that he would pay and certain public comments from Gold certainly suggested he might not pay.  We can add one more piece of evidence from a New York Times article a couple of days ago:

Mr. Gold, who has acknowledged that he and Mr. Leyser had been in â??discussionsâ? to resolve the dispute before the suit was filed, referred questions about it to his lawyer, Patrick Byrne. Mr. Byrne said he planned to file an answer denying â??a majority of the allegations.â?

â??We donâ??t believe Mr. Leyser is entitled to any money as a matter of law,â? he said.

This is not the language of someone who plans to make good on their deal.  I assume he is going to deny the deal existed, but none of his initial public statements suggested anything like that.  I have a hard time coming up with a scenario that doesn’t make Gold a jerk.

By Nsidestrate

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