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Thursday, February 7, 2008 1:17 | Filled in poker

Today, poker was mucho ugly. My PokerStars balance is now $1,250 lower than it was yesterday. I won a little bit at 50/100 or it would have been even worse. At one point, I was probably down $3,000, which would have been grim. On the plus side, I’m now at 2,000 VPPs for the month, which puts me pretty much exactly on pace. My net results for the month are right about where they should be, but not as beefy as they were yesterday. I think I’m still up $650 or so for the month, which is actually exactly on goal.

My “favorite” hand was five to the flop against my . The flop came down , everyone calls my bet. The turn is the , again all four call my bet. The river is the putting the four card straight and the possible flush on board. The SB leads at the flop and every single player calls. As it turns out, they all passed me on the river. What are the odds of that? 22, 66, T2! and K2s for the win.

I also made some mistakes. I talked about playing semi-weak hands OOP on ITH and several people suggested playing more passively (check-call, check-call, check-call). This worked like ass. I gave cheap suckouts a couple of times and lost value a few more. I haven’t reviewed my session yet, but I’m willing to bet that the check-call/check-call/check-call line won’t become a favorite tool. It also makes my check-raise bluffs suffer, because observant opponents (assuming there is a such a thing) will eventually catch on when I play my made hands much differently than my bluffs. I also ended up peeling flops and having to fold the turn way too often. Not check-raising flops where I catch a pair just throws off my whole balance for the flop. If I’m going to switch to a check-call approach more often, I have to think through the other cases better.

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