Poker? What’s that?

Life has really gotten in the way of poker lately. The crazy remodel starts in earnest next week, so I’ve had a list of tasks a mile long. I cleared the small pantry and got to do some demolition, which is the best part of any project. I banged out the shelves with a hammer and had a good time. I decided to go ahead and clear out one of the upper cabinets that is adjacent to the pantry. Since that wall is going to move, I figured it would help if I took it off the wall. Unfortunately, even after removing the screws that secured the cabinet to the wall it is stil hanging there. I think there are some brads pinning it to the adjacent cabinet. I’m not sure how to get it down. I proposed adding weights to the cabinet until it came crashing down onto the fridge to my lovely wife, but she didn’t seem too keen on that idea. I’m hoping to reuse the cabinets, so I don’t want to muscle them down with a crowbar and there is no room between the cabinets to chew up the brads with a reciprocating saw. I can’t grab the brad without gouging up the interior panel. I’m seriously thinking about cutting out the wall section that is holding the other side and pulling it through the wall.

I also managed to injure my elbow in an astonishingly complex way. Clearing the pantry led to a broken olive oil bottle, which cut the trash bag, which leaked onto the floor, which didn’t really ever clean up completely, which caused the stepladder to slip, which caused my feet to fly out from under me, which caused me to land on the refrigerator balanced on my elbows holding a stack of plates. Of course it was abject stupidity that led me to reenact the event complete with actually bonking my elbow on my desk again.

I played some poker earlier this week when there were three 50/100 tables running, one of which was quite juicy. I got in and got crushed. I reviewed the session carefully and I played a bit more cautiously than I usually do, but I took a series of bad beats that seem just like what happens in poker from time to time. I think I probably missed one value bet on the river and maybe made one call down that I could have avoided and saved $200, but all in all I’m happy with my play. The results, not so much.

Tonight, I played four tables: two 15/30 and two 5/10. The 30/60 didn’t get going until later and there was no 10/20 full at all. I had a good night, finishing up on all four tables. I booked a nice win, but haven’t recovered my 50/100 losses yet. I’m slightly over 7,000 VPPs, but I’ll be out of town all weekend catching the car show in NYC. I need to squeeze out some more hands somewhere by the end of the month. Tomorrow I have to be home early to meet the appliance delivery guys, so I might get some hands in then.

By Nsidestrate

I'm a hard-core limit ring game poker player who is becoming a degenerate sports bettor. I'm sure it will all make more sense if you read on.